Fast-track your flexibility and restore your body to a whole new level!
The Ultimate Stretching Kickstart!
You've been told stretching is good for you and that you need to do more of it. You know this well, but the truth is, your knowledge and application of this art form is vague and highly under-utilized. You probably have an idea of your individual limitations and weaknesses but have no clear understanding of how to eliminate them.
The good news is, you can now get both the proper knowledge and practical guidance to get the most out of your stretching efforts. With the help of an expert, it is now possible to develop a regime that is individually tailored to your specific needs and put yourself on the fast track to removing all your restrictions.

  • Our modern sedentary and stationary lifestyle makes us extremely stiff and immobile. This leads to a plethora of problems within the body - which is meant to move freely through many ranges of motion. 
  • Most of us devote way too much time to training and not enough to recovering. Stretching is essential for recovery and maintaining range of motion that is lost during other forms of training such as strength and cardiovascular conditioning – which produce compounding tightness and limitation within the body over time.
  • Flexibility is transient and gets exponentially worse with neglect. Yes, it is highly likely that those nagging tight spots and pains won’t go away for good without some stretching and dedicated attention to your muscle tissue quality.
  • The mainstream treats stretching like a vague activity for general well-being… or worse yet, as a short warm-up or cool-down activity. Flexibility is a core fitness quality (just like strength and cardiovascular training) and thus requires its own training program and system.
  • Common knowledge regarding the physiology of stretching, how it works, and its effects within the body is extremely naïve – you can’t improve upon something you don’t understand.
  • When it comes to stretching, most coaches and trainers give vague advice such as “stretch more” without explaining how – how frequently, how long for, and how intensely. How to stretch for your individual body type, goals and many other factors are left unexplained by most instructors.
  • When did someone last test your range of motion at all major joint angles with a comprehensive assessment? Stiffness in one area of the body translates into a host of compensations in other areas of the body – your body needs to be treated as a whole if you’re going to rid yourself of most long term pains, limitations and injuries.
  • When were you last made accountable to your stretching or level of flexibility? Flexibility is not a random inherent genetic quality – it’s a choice and a practicable skill.
Why you need a flexibility kickstart?
Michael Hermann is the Founder and Director of Performance Revolution, a company dedicated to helping people reach their physical potential. Michael has vast experience as a trainer and strength & conditioning coach, accruing over 20000 coaching sessions to date. His clientele ranges from everyday people with health and body composition goals, to national level athletes looking to enhance performance. In addition to his hands-on experience, Michael is an author and contributing writer for popular fitness magazines such as Oxygen and Men’s Muscle & Health. He also uses his skills and experience to mentor and lecture other aspiring trainers at various Australian colleges & institutions.

Meet the program creator                 
  • Comprehensive resources to unlock the secrets to greater flexibility
  • Access to a real time coach to keep you accountable & provide much-needed support
  • Foundational resource guides to refer to throughout the program and beyond
  • A complete full body assessment to pinpoint your restrictions
  • A personalised 7-day plan that is both highly effective and a proficient use of your time
  • Expert coaching delivered in online and personal training formats
Our ultimate stretching package will provide you with:
What is included?
*All coaching sessions are delivered via live online video format 
with a personal coach if outside of our Brisbane facility 
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Ultimate Stretching Kickstart Package
Fast track your flexibility with the guidance of an expert coach. Take advantage of this limited offer and receive exclusive support to restore your body to a whole level!
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